We can turn all your architectural ideas into reality.

Our coordinated and centralised working method is an effective means of simplifying the production process because it makes it possible to interact with a single point of contact, in this case Abito Holz.

Thanks to this approach, we are able to guarantee a continuous interface between the project phases, from design to final delivery of the complete, ready-to-use structure. This ensures a constant and reliable reference point for every aspect of the construction process. In tal modo, è possibile disporre di un riferimento costante e affidabile per ogni aspetto del processo di costruzione.




Extensions and elevations


Your trusted partner for innovative,
high-quality projects.

We provide customised solutions, from design to realisation, to transform your ideas into incredible pieces of architecture.

A single point of contact to liaise with throughout the project, for 360° solutions.


Our team of technicians is available to the customer at all times, proposing tailor-made solutions in a wide range of areas, including heating, plant engineering, acoustics and fire prevention.

Time & cost optimisation

Thanks to our in-house project coordination, we are able to tackle all challenges in advance, enabling projects to be completed within short timeframes.

Project Management

A single, qualified point of contact to oversee all project phases: planning, executive design and construction.

A single point of contact for your projects

Abito Holz offers tailor-made solutions to help meet all of the needs of the customer and architect.

Abito Holz offers the advantage of liaising with a single, qualified point of contact in all phases: planning, executive design and construction.

Technical consultancy is comprehensive (structural, energy, plant engineering, acoustics, construction) and provided at all stages of the project.

The architect maintains their central role in the construction process, interfacing directly with technical experts in all areas.


Two solutions for a bespoke service

Abito Holz has two options so you can build the house you have always dreamed of:
advanced unfinished or turnkey.

In both cases, we guarantee a unique design, rapid execution and scheduled completion times.

We are ready to transform your idea into a wonderful and fully bespoke home.

Choose the formula that best suits your needs and make your living experience extraordinary with Abito Holz.


For those who wish to have the control and freedom to manage part of the construction process, we offer support in the design and realisation of buildings, giving the customer the possibility of customising the furnishings and finishes at a later stage.


For a completely stress-free experience. From design to construction through to the finishing touches, we take care of every aspect. You will be able to see your new villa come to life without having to worry about anything.


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