Building with Wood: The Key to a Sustainable Future

Building with Wood can really make a difference. Energy efficiency and decarbonisation are key targets for our future, so much so that the UN has made them major goals of the 2030 Agenda. In fact, energy is the main contributor to climate change, accounting for about 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions. At Abito Holz, […]

Abito Holz: unique business and networking opportunity

Abito Holz SRL to take part in exclusive tour to discover the BeSpace Group development plan in Dubai We are pleased to announce that Abito Holz SRL will play a frontline role in an extraordinary business and networking experience organised by BeSpace Group. Together with our valued partners, Pellini, Falegnameria Bomè and Lapitec SPA, we […]

XLAM: Sustainable and Rapid Reconstruction in Pieve di Bono (TN)

We are delighted to announce the success of our recent reconstruction project in Pieve di Bono (TN). Through the use of the XLAM construction system, we were able to meet the precise requirements of the customer in terms of timeframes and costs, guaranteeing a quick and sustainable solution for the construction of a residential building. […]

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