Luxury, History and Wellbeing in an atmosphere of times gone by

The new extension of the Grand Hotel Fasano is a work of architectural art, which perfectly combines wood and glass elements to create a structure of great beauty and functionality.

Abito Holz Srl provided a “turnkey” solution, taking care of the 360-degree engineering of all the construction elements, guaranteeing the client certain implementation times and costs.

Client Hotel Fasano
Year 2023
Place Gardone Riviera (BS)
Surface 480 mq

An even more exclusive and relaxing stay.

Grand Hotel Fasano

The Grand Hotel Fasano is renowned for its architectural style, the finesse of the furnishings and the attention to detail. Thanks to this luxury expansion, high-profile tourists and businessmen who choose to stay at the property will be able to enjoy additional high-level services and an even more exclusive and relaxing stay experience.

Abito Holz Srl has once again demonstrated its experience in the creation of high quality and luxury projects, capable of satisfying even the most demanding requests of the most sophisticated and refined clientele.