The equation between modernity and high standards

It currently represents one of the largest wooden structures in Trentino. It has 41 independent bedrooms and is characterized by its wooden load-bearing structure, with Xlam floors and vertical elements made up of wooden walls and lamellar structure of beams and pillars, which also include the part of the stairwell and lift.
Client Hotel Hoody
Year 2019
Surface Arco (TN)
Surface 1100 mq

The use of wood allowed for rapid and obstacle-free construction

Realization in record time

The internal spaces have been expertly developed, with a simple but highly functional architecture, capable of guaranteeing high performance in terms of acoustic and thermo-hygrometric comfort, essential characteristics for any hotel. Thanks to our technical solutions, the building has been certified class A.

The use of wood as the main construction material allowed for rapid and obstacle-free construction, compared to what often occurs in the construction of traditional buildings

The final result was an extremely efficient construction site, thanks also to Abito Holz, whose work allowed the inauguration in record time.