Modern lines and refined design

A splendid two-storey villa built with high quality materials, among which wood stands out, a natural material with excellent thermal performance and low environmental impact.
The interiors were designed with particular attention to functionality and elegance, with large bright spaces and a refined choice of materials.
Client Zamboni Francesco
Year 2019
Place Arco (TN)
Surface 160 mq

A perfect combination of elegance and functionality

The synergy between wood and glass

The large windows integrate perfectly with the architecture and allow you to enjoy the surrounding panoramic view, creating an atmosphere of total immersion. The parapets are made of glass, ensuring safe protection and without obstructing the view.
Casa Zamboni represents a perfect combination of elegance and functionality, where wood and glass blend harmoniously to create an environment of great aesthetic impact and living comfort.

Ultimo Aggiornamento

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