HOLZ SUIT: build in wood with cutting-edge techniques

Our constructions

We create wooden buildings following the principles of green building.

We offer cutting-edge construction solutions, developed not only for living well-being and improving the quality of life, but which have a low environmental impact, thanks to highly performing envelopes from an energy point of view.

In fact, our creations represent a tangible example of how wood can become the central element by combining aesthetics and performance.

Find out more about our innovative and sustainable construction solutions, where the use of wood is not just an aesthetic choice, but a commitment towards a better future for all.


Your trusted partner for innovative, high-quality wood projects.

If you are looking for a company expert in the creation of sustainable wooden constructions with XLAM (Cross Laminated Timber) structure, you are in the right place.

Abito Holz provides customized solutions, from design to realisation, to transform your ideas into incredible pieces of architecture.

Why rely on Abito Holz?

In our many years of experience in the sector of green building and the construction of wooden buildings, we have developed a highly coordinated and centralized working method.

A methodology that simplifies the construction process and allows the customer to interact with a single interlocutor.

An efficiency that represents a fundamental value in the field of green building, guaranteeing exceptional results not only in terms of quality and environmental sustainability, but also in terms of time and costs.

Customized design

We support the Client and the Designer to propose tailor-made solutions on various topics, including thermal, plant engineering, acoustic and fire prevention.

We optimize times and costs

Thanks to internal project coordination, we are able to face every challenge in advance, allowing for rapid implementation.

Project Management

A single, qualified point of contact to oversee all project phases: planning, executive design and construction.


Two solutions for a bespoke service

Abito Holz has two options so you can build the house you have always dreamed of:
advanced unfinished or turnkey.

In both cases, we guarantee a unique design, rapid execution and scheduled completion times.

We are ready to transform your idea into a wonderful and fully bespoke home.

Choose the formula that best suits your needs and make your living experience extraordinary with Abito Holz.


For those who wish to have the control and freedom to manage part of the construction process, we offer support in the design and realisation of buildings, giving the customer the possibility of customising the furnishings and finishes at a later stage.


For a completely stress-free experience. From design to construction through to the finishing touches, we take care of every aspect. You will be able to see your new villa come to life without having to worry about anything.

Are you looking for a reliable partner to carry out your new project?